Detective Comics #1000 Order Form

Okay, we're trying to be cool here. We really are.


Whoa, okay, that was big. But this is super big! Detective Comics, the book that has featured Batman at least once a month since 19-freaking-39 is about to hit its 1000th issue and that's a crazy huge deal! 

We did this once before with Superman and Action Comics #1000 and it was such a great time. Stay tuned for more details about how we plan to celebrate this momentous occasion. In the meantime, fill out this form and lock in the cover or covers of this issue that you want us to hold for you!*

The book is a 96 page giant, over price is $9.99, and the release date is March 27th, 2019!

Here's the official description from DC:

After 80 years, it's here-the 1,000th issue of DETECTIVE COMICS, the title that literally defines DC! This 96-page issue is stacked with an unbelievable lineup of talent that will take you on a journey through Batman's past, present and a sensational epilogue that features the first-ever DC Universe appearance of the deadly Arkham Knight! But who is under the mask? And why do they want Batman dead? The incredible future of Batman adventures begins here!  

*Please note, filling out this form is a commitment to buy. Please don't fill it out if you don't plan on picking up the issues you're asking for. You can make adjustments to this order up until February 28th, 2019.

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A. Detective Comics #1000 Regular Cover by Jim Lee

B. Detective Comics #1000 1930's Variant by Steve Rude

C. Detective Comics #1000 1940's Variant by Bruce Timm

D. Detective Comics #1000 1950s Variant by Michael Cho

E. Detective Comics #1000 1960s Variant by Jim Steranko

F. Detective Comics #1000 1970s Variant by Bernie Wrightson

G. Detective Comics #1000 1980s Variant by Frank Miller

H. Detective Comics #1000 1990s Variant by Tim Sale

I. Detective Comics #1000 2000s Variant by Jock

J. Detective Comics #1000 2010s Variant by Greg Capullo

K. Detective Comics #1000 Blank Sketch Variant

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