February's Best Selling Trade Paperbacks & Graphic Novels!

This has quickly become one of our favorite things to do each month. We're not wrong, right? There's something seriously interesting about tracking this stuff. Below is a list of February's best sellers as well as January's for comparison and following that are a few thoughts and observations. Here. We. GO!


February 2017 Best Sellers

  1. Love is Love
  2. Head Lopper Vol. 1
  3. Paper Girls Vol. 2
  4. Monstress Vol. 1
  5. Seven to Eternity Vol. 1
  6. Watchmen
  7. Saga Vol. 6
  8. The Goddamned Vol. 1
  9. Black History in its Own Words
  10. Saga Vol. 1
  11. Saga Vol. 2
  12. Saga Vol. 4
  13. Black Panther Vol. 1
  14. Sex Criminals Vol. 1
  15. Kill or be Killed Vol. 1
  16. Paper Girls Vol. 1

For Comparison Here are January's Best Sellers

  1. Black Panther Vol. 2
  2. Paper Girls Vol. 2
  3. Kill or be Killed Vol. 1
  4. Black Panther Vol. 1
  5. Paper Girls Vol. 1
  6. Monstress Vol. 1
  7. The Vision Vol. 2
  8. Saga Vol. 6
  9. The Goddamned Vol. 1
  10. Batman (Rebirth) Vol. 1
  11. March Vol. 1
  12. Bitch Planet Vol. 1
  13. Watchmen
  14. Head Lopper Vol. 1
  15. Saga Vol. 4
  16. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 1

Thoughts and Observations

  • Pretty proud of the fact that Love is Love was #1 - 2 months after it's release. The proceeds of this book are donated to the victims and survivors of the Orlando Pulse mass shooting. Pretty great that our community is supporting this project so strongly.
  • 10 out of 16 books carried over from January to February (Paper Girls Vol. 1, Paper Girls Vol. 2, KIll or be Killed Vol. 1, Black Panther Vol. 1, Monstress Vol. 1, Saga Vol. 6, Saga Vol. 4, The Goddamned Vol. 1, Watchmen, and Head Lopper Vol. 1)
  • 5 books have been in the top 16 all 3 months we've been tracking this (Paper Girls Vol. 1, Paper Girls, Vol. 2, Black Panther Vol. 1, Monstress Vol. 1, and Saga Vol. 4)
  • COMPLETE IMAGE COMICS DOMINATION! 13 out of 16 this month are from Image. We're not mathmagicians over here, but pretty sure that's over 80%!
  • February saw Saga make up 25% of the top 16!
  • Saga Vol. 4 is the only Saga book to be on the list all 3 months. WTF? What is so damn special about Vol. 4?!
  • The Goddamned was most likely helped by the fact that it was the subject of an amazing book club we had. You gots to come to our book clubs if you're not already.
  • Watchmen remains on the list because a super cool comic book club from Oakland College Prep picked up their copies from us.
  • Head Lopper jumps up to #2 on the list based purely on it's awesomeness. It probably got a boost from the fact that all of us at the shop love it and that we have it on our feature table up at the front of the store.
  • Only 2 February releases cracked the top 16 (Seven to Eternity and Black History in its Own Words). This is down from 5 new releases in the month of January that made the best sellers of that month. Bad month for new releases or good month for perennials?