Finally! January's Best Selling Trade Paperbacks & Graphic Novels!

Seriously been looking forward to this all month long. We've been watching the sales statistics almost daily like a super slow horse race to track how these titles jockey for position on our best sellers list. And finally the day has come! The results are in! Below is a list of our top 16 best selling books of January. Below the list are some thoughts and observations about the list. Exciting!

January 2017 Best Sellers

  1. Black Panther Vol. 2
  2. Paper Girls Vol. 2
  3. Kill or be Killed Vol. 1
  4. Black Panther Vol. 1
  5. Paper Girls Vol. 1
  6. Monstress Vol. 1
  7. The Vision Vol. 2
  8. Saga Vol. 6
  9. The Goddamned Vol. 1
  10. Batman (Rebirth) Vol. 1
  11. March Vol. 1
  12. Bitch Planet Vol. 1
  13. Watchmen
  14. Head Lopper Vol. 1
  15. Saga Vol. 4
  16. Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Vol. 1

For Comparison's sake here are December 2016's best sellers

  1. Paper Girls Vol. 2
  2. Black Panther Vol. 1
  3. Legend
  4. Saga Vol. 1
  5. Monstress Vol. 1
  6. Paper GIrls Vol. 1
  7. Bitch Planet Vol. 1
  8. I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1
  9. Ms. Marvel Vol. 1
  10. Black Science Vol. 5
  11. I Hate Fairyland Vol. 2
  12. Deadly Class Vol. 1
  13. Love is Love
  14. Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Vol. 1
  15. Flash Rebirth
  16. Saga Vol. 4

Thoughts and Observations

  • 6 of December's 16 books carried over to January. Kind of expected there to be more for whatever reason
  • Image Comics accounts for 9 of January's books continuing the trend of the publisher accounting for over half of our best sellers as shown in December's list and our overall 2016 list
  • Marvel comes in 2nd with 4 books on the list, DC has 2, and Top Shelf got one on there
  • Black Panther Vol. 2, Kill or Be Killed, The Vision Vol. 2, The Goddamned, and Batman (Rebirth) Vol. 1 were all new releases in January. There's so much good stuff coming out!
  • Saga Vol. 1 gets replaced by Saga Vol. 6, but Saga Vol. 4 stays on the list. WTF? Isn't that weird? Volume 1 makes sense as people hop on that series daily. And Volume 6 makes sense as it's the latest volume in the series, but what in the world is so special about Volume 4?! Coincidence you say? No way. There are dark forces at work here. Or probably not. Whatevs.
  • Paper Girls Vol. 2 was one copy short of tying for the top spot for a second month in a row. MOST impressive.
  • Very cool that March made the list. It's could be considered unfortunate how this book ended up on the map for a lot of people, but whatever it takes to get John Lewis' important story inn people's hands can be counted as a good thing. 
  • Love is Love probably would have remained on this list if we had been able to keep them in stock. We sold out within 3 days of receiving the book and we're close to doing that for a second time almost a month later.
  • It's cool that Batman made the list because this series is SO GOOD. Please read Batman. It's SO GOOD.
  • Not completely sure how Watchmen and Moon Girl jumped up to the top 16, but it's great that they did.