2017 is going to be awesome

2016 was all kinds of F'd for a whole host of reasons, but it was actually a pretty damn good year at the corner of 16th and Clay in downtown Oakland.

Cape and Cowl Comics took it's first full lap around the sun and we enjoyed the hell out of it. We have no intent to just sit back and hope that 2017 happens to measure up all by itself.

Hell no!

We've got Image Comics Day in February, Free Comic Book Day in May, Batman Day in September, (hopefully) another anniversary in November, and a boat load of book clubs, signings, and other top secret things cooking that we're not ready to divulge just yet, but stay tuned.

Do us a favor and leave a comment letting us know if you have any ideas on cool shiz you'd like to see us get into and we'll do our best to make it happen!