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Book Club #1 Feedback Survey

Thanks for coming to Cape & Cowl's totally awesome Book Club #1, where we read "We Can Never Go Home." We need to know more to continue to amaze you. Please let us know your thoughts below!

Give Us Your Feedback *
Give Us Your Feedback
Overall, this was an awesome event.
The time of the event (7 p.m.) worked well for me.
The day of the week (Monday) worked well for me.
My decision to attend was based on the fact that the creator of the book would be Skyping in.
I would attend a future book club even if the creator was not going to be there.
I had heard of this book before.
My decision to attend was based on the fact that I was not familiar with this book.
I would be interested in a book club for something more mainstream (i.e. Marvel, DC, Image)