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Action Comics #1000 Order Form

80 Years of Superman

Action Comics #1000 is coming in April! One-freaking-thousand! How incredible is that?! We are unbelievably excited for this milestone and apparently DC is too because they've slapped a plethora of incredible covers on the thing. Now's your chance to make sure you don't miss out on getting the cover or covers you want to celebrate the Man of Steel. We'll be partying beyond variant covers, but more on that later. For now, let's start here!

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A. Action Comics #1000 - 1930's Variant by Steve Rude

B. Action Comics #1000 - 1940's Variant by Michael Cho

C. Action Comics #1000 - 1950's Variant by Dave Gibbons

D. Action Comics #1000 - 1960's Variant by Michael Allred

E. Action Comics #1000 - 1970's Variant by Jim Steranko

F. Action Comics #1000 - 1980's Variant by Joshua Middleton

G. Action Comics #1000 - 1990's Variant by Dan Jurgens

H. Action Comics #1000 - 2000's Variant by Lee Bermejo

I. Action Comics #1000 - Regular Cover by Jim Lee

J. Action Comics #1000 - Blank Sketch Variant


K. Action Comics 80 Years of Superman $29.99 Hardcover

L. Action Comics 80 Years of Superman 27 x 40 Poster

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